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Tulip Care Environments has been established to work with care operators and care home developers to achieve their desired outcomes of superior home environments, special design and fluidity of space at the initial design stage or through refurbishments and extensions of facilities.  

Care operators who want to understand their competition and visitor experience can also be supported with research and mystery shops.

The company has been set up by Sue Earrey after a nine year career with Hallmark Care Homes leading their land acquisition, design, project management and innovation in care environments, internally and externally, culminating in 6 Pinders Design Awards.

Sue managed the new build projects from acquisition through to opening, working with dedicated interior designers, specialist in-house advisors, architects and project management services.

Sue is an established and well regarded profile in the care and development sector having been voted one of the top 40 Care Professionals in 2016 and 2017 and established the Women in Healthcare Property Forum in 2012.


Sue is passionate about delivering care environments that are comfortable, homely, interactive and calm, especially for dementia, by creating different experiences in communities offering alternative places to go for different needs. 

  • Arlington Manor, Cambridge"
    – acquired the site from Frontier Estates with planning consent with a view to changing the design. Back to the drawing board, with a new architect, Tooley Foster Partnership who increased the number of beds by an extra 25. Good relationships with the Parish Council helped gain planning consent after a long consultation with the LPA. AArlington Manor opened October 2018.
  • Newtown Road, Henley"
    – a site acquired from the same entrepreneurs as Tunbridge Wells and probably the longest, hardest and most frustrating planning process for all involved. Previously a gym which closed, locals wanted the building to be reinstated as a swimming pool. The site became an Asset of Community Value and the owners and Hallmark achieved consent first time. Construction is underway.
  • Hutton Care Home and Assisted Living
    – an exciting opportunity for Hallmark to build their first assisted living scheme. The designs took a long time to gain the support of the Urban Designer which was granted consent for two buildings, a 70 bed care home and 52 apartment assisted living complex with underground car park and beautifully designed landscaped gardens. Construction is underway.
  • Anisha Grange, Billericay "
    My first Hallmark project. I took the project through acquisition, planning, public consultation, specification, construction to handover. This home won a Pinders Design Award for Best New Care Home.
  • Bucklesham Grange, Ipswich"
    My favourite project – I acquired the site following an approach by a developer. It had consent for a residential scheme. A tricky planning application as neighbours were very close by and the community concerns about traffic movements created many objections. The scheme designed by Richard Chamberlain, gained consent on the first application. Another Pinders Design Award for Hallmark
  • Chamberlain Court, Royal Tunbridge Wells "
    Named after the architect Richard Chamberlain, the site was acquired through recommendation and resulted in a great relationship with the vendors. A high profile team was brought together which included PRC Architects, Woolf and Bond Town Planners. A tough one to design as it was previously an office building on a complex, flitting between traditional Tunbridge Wells architecture and modern, the latter being hugely resisted by the local community the site gained consent. The contractor went into administration during the construction and a period of enhanced support was required to maintain the site and keep the project going. A beautiful building, inside and out and yes, another Pinders Design Award for Hallmark.




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